U.S. Passport - Travel the World

I do know, however, that being exposed to the existence of other languages increases the perception that the world is populated by people who not only speak differently from oneself, but whose cultures and philosophies are other than one’s own – Maya Angelou

As Mark Twain said, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” In an increasingly interconnected world; traveling internationally is important in the way we connect with communities worldwide.

There’s no doubt that travel changes our worldview and perspectives. For first-time travelers, the experience can be overwhelming, exciting and life changing at the same time. As such, the importance of travel cannot be discounted.

There are different people with diverse value-systems, perspectives and opinions around the world. By traveling abroad, we have the opportunity to share a small slice of that experience when we return home; wherever home might be.

In addition, we build a better understanding of the world around us while becoming increasingly aware of the political, economical and cultural differences (and similarities) of people all around the globe.

So where will you travel to in 2012? 

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