ImageFacebook paves the way to lower barriers for internet access worldwide, by bringing together a coalition of tech giants such as Ericsson, MediaTek, Samsung, Opera, Qualcomm and Nokia to make this goal of connecting billions a reality. NY Time’s article, “Facebook Leads an Effort to Lower Barriers to Internet Access,” explains Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s latest nonprofit endeavor to put the entire world online.

“Today, the Internet isn’t accessible for two-thirds of the world. Imagine a world where it connects us all.” Zuckerberg’s new initiative,, aims to provide Internet access to the billions of people who currently don’t have access to the World Wide Web.

Through, Zuckerberg hopes to offer improved phone technology, lowered bandwidth requirements for data transmission, increased access points and cheaper or free online services to eliminate the barriers to Internet access in developing nations.

“We’re focused on it more because we think it’s something good for the world,” he said, “rather than something that is going to be really amazing for our profits.” Lowering barriers to Internet access around the world opens the doors for education among other endless possibilities in these countries that need it the most.

Summary by Michael Mendoza, UNC Charlotte (WAC Charlotte Intern – Fall 2013)