Angela Merkel won her third term as chancellor by a super majority in Germany’s election. This is the first time since 1957 that a party won by a super majority. But who is Angela Merkel?

She is known in Germany as “Mummy,” a respected and admired leader among her constituents who guided Germany through the euro-zone’s financial crisis. She is the first woman, first East German and youngest chancellor to call victory hers for the third time. On the contrary, Merkel has a few foes in the more troubled countries throughout Europe and is often referred to as “Mrs. Nein” or Mrs. No.

Merkel’s systematic and analytical approach stems from her background as a physicist before she became the spokesperson for East Germany’s opposition group, “Democratic Awakening.” She’s a no-nonsense leader who doesn’t believe in short cuts.  Merkel has pushed Europe towards a debt-free environment with her austerity and strict supervision rather than financial bail -outs.Clearly this has worked for Germany as Europe’s financial leader and biggest powerhouse for exports.

It’s no wonder that Merkel is on her to becoming the most successful female politician ever.

Written by Brianna Woods, International PR Major, UNC Charlotte (Fall 2013 WACC Intern)