Brianna HuffAfter making a detour at the office of the World Affairs Council of Charlotte, and asking for more information about the organization my interest in the nonprofit was piqued. The following fall semester, I decided to volunteer at the annual World Quest event. After doing more research and learning about the influence this organization has had on educating young adults about international affairs and events, I knew this would be an organization I would like to become involved with.

As a child of a military service parent, I have always had a keen interest in international politics specifically the broadcasting aspect. After my father was deployed to Iraq twice, I dreamed of being a foreign correspondent in the Middle East. Traveling every two to four years also made it easy to engage in world affairs. Because of the Marine Corps I have been granted numerous opportunities to travel outside of the US including to Okinawa, Japan. This past spring semester I studied abroad in Chile. I also indulged in the foods and culture of the South American land.

I am entering my senior year as a double major in International Public Relations and History and double minor in Journalism and Spanish at UNC Charlotte. In my free time I enjoy volunteering with various nonprofits that aid and support immigrants. I also volunteered as an English tutor to non-English speakers at the local International House.

In my free time I enjoy reading books that cover children soldiers in warfare, my favorite memoir is “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah. I also enjoy watching telenovelas, travel blogging and talking to my family and friends.

I am looking forward to becoming more actively aware of pressing global issues with the World Affairs Council of Charlotte.