As far as my memory can recall, there were two girls and fifteen boys in my nursery class in Niger.  I was the second and youngest girl. As a matter of fact, female education is comparatively low in Niger and seen through negatively-tainted eyes. Since my childhood, I have always believed that creating educational opportunities to empower women is crucial, especially for girls in Africa. Growing up, I took my education seriously and I have always believed that education makes people stand up for their rights and ethics. My name is Consolata Kuevidjen. I am a native of Togo, a tiny country on the west coast of Africa. I was born in Niger but have had the opportunity to live in both countries and have been exposed to two different amazing cultures. I am bi-lingual, multicultural, and have always had the keen interest in learning foreign languages. I am a graduating senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and my major is Political Science. My research interests in Foreign Policy, Global Affairs, and Comparative Politics have increased my perspective on the importance of global collaboration. After graduation, I plan to complete a master’s degree in Foreign Service and Public Policy at Georgetown University.

As a Student Counselor of the Judicial Board of the Student Government Association, I work with students charged with violations of the Code of Student Responsibility. My primary role is to guide them through the hearing process. Working with students has honed my active listening skills and has taught me to be objective in the ruling of a case. In my free time, I like to play tennis and read books.  Last semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad in China at Fudan University and experience the Chinese culture for the first time. My time in China was academically and culturally rewarding. One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is to create lasting friendships. I also gained a unique perspective on the exchanges with different cultures and by completing the required courses in the School of International Relations and Public Administration, I learned about China’s foreign policy and its growing influence on the world stage. I’m excited about interning with the World Affairs Council of Charlotte and I’m looking forward to gaining new insights into international affairs.