The automobile manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and coming up with new innovations, and BMW is no exception. President and CEO of BMW Manufacturing Co., Knudt Flor, spoke at the World Affairs Council of Charlotte’s CEO Speaker Series on October 10, 2018. He has been with BMW for 30 years and has served in different roles domestically and internationally. He has worked in South Africa, China and most recently in South Carolina.

During his presentation, Flor spoke about the future of BMW and what goals the company wants to achieve. One exciting vision for the future is electric cars: by 2025, BMW hopes to have 25 electrified models with 12 of them being fully electric vehicles. Flor explained that BMW wants to be the leading automobile manufacturer for electric cars. BMW also hopes to accomplish the development of autonomous, self-driving cars. BMW is currently implementing a systematic process of tiered autonomy, but the ultimate goal is to build a completely driverless car.

In addition to speaking about the future of BMW, Flor also spoke about the current obstacles that the company faces. He noted that regulations, politics, and higher tariffs are the three largest impediments that they will need to continue to adapt to. However, Flor said that even in difficult times, “profitability and consistent strategic direction are key” for the continued growth and success of BMW. Mr. Flor reiterated that BMW believes in free trade, and that the customer and product should be able to communicate without interference from the government. He sees an exciting future ahead for the company, and will no doubt help support their mission of delivering the highest quality of vehicle to global consumers.